Laws Regarding Pet Monkeys

Laws regarding exotic pets vary by state, county, and city. Before bringing a pet into your life, it is important that you find out if the laws in your community allow for that type of pet. Many people who buy pet monkeys find out that they are illegal in their state or city, after they get a knock on their door from the pertaining authorities. The result, they have to get rid of the pet, must likely, animal control will remove the pet immediately. This is very unfair to the animal. It puts the animal through trauma and it becomes scared. Many animals are lucky to end up in sanctuaries that will care for them. For others, their fate is different, they might end up put to sleep, at zoos, or at laboratories, destined for experiments.

Some states that allow monkey as pets will require you to get a permit or license prior to having the pet. Other states will require you to pay a fee and register the pet as an exotic animal, and renew it as necessary. Some states will allow some breeds, but will not allow others. Other states will require documentation or a permit to import an exotic animal. Many states ban complete ownership of monkeys, not only importations. In Hawaii, you must be bonded to own a monkey; however, the state is considering banning the possession of monkeys by passing a law. Other states will allow the selling and ownership of monkeys as pets; however, it is important to check also with your city and with your community as they may have different rules. In addition, it is important to check and review these laws from time to time as they might change. One way to find out is by contacting the Department of Wildlife from that state.

More states are considering banning monkeys and other exotic animals. Many times, you will be subject to a fine and/or jail time if violating the law. Do not forget to check local laws. Most wild animals are illegal in commercial or residential areas. Although you may find that a particular state allows monkeys as pets at the moment, it may be trying to pass a law to ban monkeys or any other exotic animals. It is important that you check if such issue is being considered in your state. You do not want to get a pet monkey and find out that in a few days it will be illegal in your state. Once an exotic animal has been banned or declared illegal in a state you cannot get a permit for it.

As a responsible pet owner, it is your responsibility to contact your city and Department of Wildlife to be well-informed about the rules for having a pet in your area or vicinity. All states require that you have a health certificate and an entry permit when traveling with a primate to enter the state. This pertains to traveling. Many states ban the possession of primates. Responsible ownership of a pet starts with finding out whether you can bring that pet to your home or not. For more information visit